Question & Answer with Head Coach Ristic ahead of Grand River Derby

June 30, 2021
Ristic: “Brantford Galaxy is an important test for all of us!”
*Kitchener, Ontario.
SC Waterloo Region opened the 2017 season well. The first round against the last year’s champion Serbian White Eagles in a routine and the single point gave Ristic the right to believe in his team. However, two next matches resulted in ties as well (Vorkuta 2:2 and Royal Toronto 2:2). Three points from three rounds. It would not be so hard to believe that the team in all three matches did not take precedence despite leading by two goals.
“If you run 3 times, and of this 2 times with two goals advantage and in the end barely salvaging a point, it becomes worrying.”
Question: And then came the first defeat?
“It is normal that after such a series of circumstances, the confidence is shaken and the team falls. The product of this is a defeat against York Region Shooters.”
Question: What is the atmosphere like in the team before Brantford?
“We had a break last weekend, so we spent the previous 2 weeks working hard. We have done a detailed analysis of Brantford and are ready to enter this game. The atmosphere in the team is good, we all realize this is a great test for all of us.”
The game with Brantford Galaxy starts on Sunday at 7PM at RIM Park.