Pro Player Interview Series

June 12, 2021

SC Waterloo brings professional soccer to your door step. Our players have plied their trade in great footballing nations like Spain, Scotland, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Ukraine, and even places as far away as Thailand.

Now all of that quality and skill calls Waterloo Region its home. These players will entertain those of you who know that watching on the TV can’t compare to seeing it right in front of you, they will inspire young Canadian fans to grow up loving the game, and they’ll impart their experience on our homegrown talent housed in the second division team—youngsters who are taking steps to make it in the world of football themselves (some have already been on trial overseas).

But just who are these guys? In a series of articles and interviews throughout the season, we’ll introduce you to our professional players one at a time. We’ll kick off our series with one of our offensive leaders, Adis Hasecic. Check it out!